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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 20, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> kind of an easy one. congrats steve. >> steve: is there a prize or cash award. >> we'll come and say hi. >> steve: we would like that. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. see ya. >> today is tuesday. >> alisyn: i am in for gretchen today. getting in the fight between israel and hamas which is really a fight between israel and iran. who is heading there right now. >> steve: she is accuse of lying to the american people about what happened in benghazi. the case against susan rice just got gigantic. >> brian: win for the atheist. 60 year old holiday ritual is over. "fox and friends" starts right
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now. ♪ >> steve: welcome to studio e and gretchen is still have and you are still here. upon >> alisyn: it is a busy news morning. the u.s. is officially getting involved in the mideast fighting. secretary of state hillary clinton is en route to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu as the u.s. embassy attacked this morning. we have leland on the ground. we'll go to washington with the latest details on secretary clinton's mission. >> good morning. israel and terrorist leaders of gaza exchange fire president obama is dispatching secretary clinton to the middle east it is a hastedly
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arranged departure from cambodia where she is involved in the ongoing summit. she plans to visit israel and ramallah and egypt because u.s. considers hamas a terrorist consideration and prohibits contact it is relying on egypt and turk yeqatar to deliver its message to the hamas leadership. >> on the trip secretary clinton will emphasize the united states interest in a peaceful out come that protects and enhances israel's security and outcome to lead to improved relations to the civilians in gaza and reopen the path for israelies and palestinians so they can live in peace and security. >> some doubt secretary clinton's visit will have affect.
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egyptian president morsi has meet with hamas in a show of solidarity. >> brian: until there is a cease fire israeli citizens living in constant fear despite the success of the iron dome. leland has witnessed a lot of them and live on the israeli and gaza border with more. what about today? >> indeed busy again. at least 30 rockets fired in this direction out of the gaza toward the town of beersheba and destroyed a house and a bus. we hear the laleral f-16 that is bombing the gasa strip. day 7. 110 palestinian killed and israelis are saying off of the record they are running out of target to hit.
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they have leveled hamas infrastruct and you are weapons depo and trying to limit hamas and islamic jihad ability to make war going forward and kill as many senior members of hamas and islamic judge ihad as they can. they bombed the hamas national barching. militants have figured out a way to defeat the missile. by firing multiple rockets at once. eight-10 rockets and headed for one specific target and today that was target of beer sheba and some got through and landed in the town and destroyed a house and bus. thankfully that city had evacuated itself or not on the streets right now . scooms are closed and businesses are closed as they are trying to keep people off of the streets. still here on the border all around where we are saying are armed camps of israeli
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soldiers. they have tank platoons and seen in practicing maneuvers and heading for the go over and go over the gasa strip. will secretary of state clinton's visit and back channel diplomacy between israel and hamas between a cease fire before we go and have a ground war. >> steve: thank you very much. a guy with a knife attacked one of the guards. i believe he will be okay. when watching the stuff with the iron dome, you know that just proves reagan right. talking about star wars and missile defense. this is not in space, but at the time a lot of people on the political left, said that missile defense stuff would not never work. to the people of israel it does work. >> brian: the patriots was able to knock down a bunch.
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so the israelis picked tup and we financed it and it is in place. how much safer would we be if we had israel defense in europe to stop the iranian missilings. >> alisyn: and the possible nomination of a new secretary of state. 97 house members sent a letter to president obama saying they would oppose the choice of susan rice if he puts her name up. they have lost faith and confidence that she would have in representing the united states abroad because of what she said and the misleading statements. >> brian: is that consequential and is the weigh going on weigh in no. but the message is to the president of the united states. you want to spend political capitol fighting for your choice perhaps and indication
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for secretary of state or get what you want on the fiscal cliff. do you want to deal with the controversy. >> steve: meanwhile, there is a number much democratic woman in the house that said the criticism of susan rice are sexist and racist. >> alisyn: the democrats came forward saying she was parroting the talking points was given. >> steve: they are circling the wagons. brian it will be interesting to see if the president will go ahead and nominate her or go with john kerry that opens up a seat in massachusetts which could be good news for scott brown. >> brian: headlines and we'll talk some more. >> alisyn: folks news. plans to bomb military bases over seas. f.b.i. arresting four men from california. a 34 year old naturalized u.s.
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citizen reportedly traveled to afghanistan for terrorist in -- training in july. he served in the air force and believed he introduced others of the an war al-awlaki doctrine. and a blast that leveled two homes in indianapolis leaving two people can dead may have been a murder. it was thought a horrible accident. new details released last night suggest that the natural gas explosion may have been intentional. there are reports of a white van near the home the day of the explosion. police are not saying the motive or if there are suspects at this time. >> there is hope for hostess. a bankruptcy judge ordered the company and bakers union to agree to mediation before liquitation. the ceo said any deal to keep
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the company alive would have to be cost effective! >> it is it a lot of dingdongs and it is the cost structure and if you can't sell as a profit you are not in business. >> 18,000 jobs are on the line there. and then, two turkeys are headed for the white house. these turkeys. the birds were raised in rockingham. you are giving mow a courtsy laugh. >> brian: i am sorry. >> alisyn: they weigh 40 pounds a piece. they spent the night in the w hotel. >> steve: hotel? there are two guys right there. >> brian: at the w hotel. >> steve: they will be sent to the white house where the president will pardon one of them. two turkeys are sent in case one gets sick . both will be retired in mount vernon. >> steve: one will be pardoned
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much >> alisyn: and the other retired? >> brian: i wonder at 65 or 67. big controversy. i was talking about you to jen. >> alisyn: try to pay attention. >> steve: under the affordable care act, women are supposed to get free birth control and abortion producing drugs and things like that. there is a company called hobby lobby owned by a green company in 41 states and 13,000, employees and 500 stores . they said we are a christian company and providing birth control flies in the face of what we stand for. a judge by the name of joe heaton, u.s. district judge denied their application and said while churches and other organizations can go ahead and step away from affordable care
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. hobby lobby is not a church or religious organization and so they will have to provide free birth control. >> alisyn: he understood that the owners are christian and don't want to have to provide birth control or the morning after pill to their employees. he said it is largely unchartered water what is obama care is now forcing people to have to deal with. he said you are not a catholic university or hospital. you just don't fall in that category and you will have to provide them. >> brian: in the coffee shop? >> steve: as a family, they are going to appeal. >> brian: talk about 1993, and people who know i lived in california and on a city bordering santa monica. you could see christmas time a nativity scene and in an array of nativity scenes and that is
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now threatened by a atheist group. the argument got so great and the court fight was so time-consuming and uncost effective they decided in this city not have the fight anymore and get rid of all religious symbols. a christian group said let's put it back and get an injection and put it back up it is not going to work. so far no nativity or drummer boy or manager. >> steve: the judge collins denied the scenes to put up the scenes while the case is pending. there will be more arguments on december 3rd. there will be no nativity scene right there in santa monica on the pacific as they have had for 60 years. here's attorney bill becker. >> this amounts to an erosion of first amendment liberty for
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religious speech in this country. it is just one more step in the slippery slope. the court made the point that we still have the right to present nativity scenes on private property. the court should tell the secular people andath yist they can take their free speech and move it to private, too. because that's what the ruling tells the world. >> brian: that's the attorney. meanwhile straight ahead. colonel west is fighting an uphill battle to keep hising congressam seat. he will announce here on "fox and friends" exclusive. >> alisyn: kate upton just landed a super model from mersedes benz. she can't drive. >> steve: i don't see the problem. ♪
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>> brian: florida recount results were in and charge would by allenest after he came in behind. congressman west joins me live with florida with the latest news. congressman, i know you are getting set for thanksgiving before you go off to thanksgiving you have an announcement to make. >> good morn happy thanksgiving to you and everyone. we are not going to go forth and contest the contested results even though they sent it on a week ago and not the final recount. we are going to ove ahead and we wish congressman murphy elect very well. i think that now is not the time to draw the process out. we had brought up igregularities in st. lucecounty and palm beach.
3:18 am
>> brian: how tough is this decision for you? >> it is not so much a tough decision. i have been serving this country my entire adult life and don't need a title to lead and voice. i will be a citizen servant of this great nation and restore the constitutional republic. it was not about me but the voters. in the past two weeks we did a good job and inedible support from people who wanted the truth . i think that we uncovered a lot of things that the people can pursue as well. >> brian: you come back from serving and run for the office and didn't make it and win next time and moments ago this time i concede and lost this one. is there going to be a fight to get the seat back in
3:19 am
florida? >> right now god knows the plan for my life and the most important thing is my daughter's caneth birthday and my concern is to be with the family. we'll make that decision ahead. >> brian: you believe there was a recount and point 5 percent distance between you and your opponent you get it it pint 5 8. if you were recounted do you believe you would come out on top? >> we were pretty close. we went bk and tried to do an analysis of the recount data we did. and we didn't think we would get that .08 percent. we'll not challenge or contest it. we'll let the results that were sent to tallahassee, florida to the secretary of state's office even though st. luce's cooperate said there
3:20 am
were irregularities. we'll let that go. >> brian: one term and celebrate your daughter's birth day and thanksgiving and know you made an impact as a one-term congressman and we'll see what the sequel is. thank you for joining us and announcing on our >> thank you and happy thanksgiving to america. >> brian: meanwhile coming up next on the show. affordable care act not so affordable to doctors. they will be asked to do more with less cash? a doctor with an answer next. >> this guy begs for mercy. it is what he does next that has police stunned. ♪ ♪
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>> alisyn: time for quick head linings. 23 year old michael watkins is under arrest in connection to the beating death of a monkey. a second suspect will probably not face charges. there is no motive for the attack. drug driving surpassed drunken driving. a study found that 30 percent of deadly car accidents involved drivers on drugs. 14 percent were under the influence of alcohol. we'll go over to steve. under president obama's controversial health care law. doctors are supposed to be slashed by 27 percent come january wobst. they will have to do the same work for 27 percent less money. that will force some doctors
3:25 am
out of business. we'll talk to this guy in the school of medicine and author of new book called unaccountable and what hospitals will not tell you and how it will revolutionize health care. >> that is troubling come january 1st you guys get paid 2divide -- 27 percent less. >> we need our best and brightest going into medicine it is a stressful job and you need compassion, scientific knowledge. and patients expect good care when they go to see the doctor. 46 percent of the doctors are burned out n any industry when 46 percent of the front line providers burned out of course the service will be variable and mistakes will happen and wide variations in quality. >> steve: 46 percent are burned out and discouraged bypass the fact that coming wup the affordable care act
3:26 am
they get paid less and one of the things that the affordable care act did not do w curve malpractice insurance payments. they are killing you. >> everybody is saying the affordable care act is here to stay and supported by all three branches of government. what else do we have to do. amend or pass new laws . 27 percent cut in doctors. what will that do to the health care system. we are already seeing primary care doctors leave the payment system and go to a private subscription modele. you have the cell phone and make house calls and they are practicing medicine the way they want to . you are getting good health care. it is terrible. >> steve: sounds like if you have the money it workings. but you have more people in the system and a looming doctor shortage.
3:27 am
>> we have states now that only have a couple of neurosurgeons and entire regions no trauma care and increasing geriatic population . new chronic diseases from obesity that we have never seen the burden of this . people with preexisting conditions and 30 million new people. >> steve: we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it and now we know. what doctors will not tell and you how transparency will revolutionize health care. straight ahead. search for a serial killer zooms on this mystery man. exactly why the police want to talk to him next. super model kate upton in the super bowl with a mersedes benez. she can't drive.
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♪ >> this is nolt good you guys.
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iphone users had trouble sending texts for five hours. a disaster. people had to call someone to tell them they were five minutes away. >> steve: it is amazing how few people actually use the phone as a phone. it is it a type writer. >> alisyn: now it is. i use it as a phone. >> brian: no one picks up when you call. >> alisyn: this is mom. >> brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. we have headlines to tell you about. >> alisyn: f.b.i. and nypd is zero-ing in on this man. sueillance video shows him at two of the three crime scenes. the suspect's fascination with numology. and address with each person killed included the number 8. >> brian: they are here illegally .
3:33 am
democratic massachusetts governor duval patrick announced the new policy and one citizen said it sends the wrong message. >> it is difficult for the kids in the state who are here to get into certain classes and specific places. it will make it more difficult for those kids to get in if everyone gets in. >> brian: exactly. the policy goes into affect immediately. >> steve: we are talking about the world's worst burglar ever. he tried to kick in the front door and he woke up the owner who was home at the time . he begged the homeowner to not call the police. the homeowner left him go. the suspect left behind his traffic and ipad and pictures on it. exhibit a, ladies and gentlemen. police identified him miguel luna they are asking the public to help track him down.
3:34 am
>> alisyn: she landed a super bowl commercial from mersedes bens. but kate upton doesn't have a driver's license. the 20 year old bomb shell will not be behind the wheel in the ad. >> brian: tell them to look out. >> alisyn: she's playing herself in the ad. no problem there. she can be on the hood of the car. >> steve: it has a hood ornament. that would make two. mr. kilmeade, tell me about the 49ers. >> brian: they played monday night. good, thanks for asking. they were not close when it came to playing head-to-head. routing the bears and they scored in the first four possessions and first career start for colin caperneck. he went in for alex smith who has concussion system. it could be a quarterback
3:35 am
controversy. sad news now. the man steve called mr. sexy david beck amwill be out of the galaxy. he announced the cup on december 1st will be the last game with los angeles. beck amhas been with the galaxy for six years. nascar has the first female pit member. miss chris abbott her way in a place where you are strong and fast and and filling race cars up with fuel. she is seen in a training video. abbott will be responsibility for the tire position. >> steve: watching her is like a war on lug nuts . take a look. on this tuesday. widely scattered showers from the great lakes down through the ohio valleyy and mississippi valley. there is a fire in the barn. and central plain states are nice and dry.
3:36 am
scattered showers out in the pacific northwest. current temperatures as we head out of doors 33 in rappid city . it is little above freezing in minneapolis. a beautiful day though temperaturewise as you can see in portions of florida, tampa right now on the west coast 60 . new orleans 50 and temperatures in the 50s in much of texas. later today in the lone star state. temperatures in the 70s 80s. temperatures in the gulf coast almost 60. it will be 68 in atlanta and 50 here in new york city and only 40 in caribou, maine. that is a look at the forecast for traveling tuesday. >> alisyn: it is three weeks since hurricane sandy ripped through the east coast. our next guest lost her house and tried to get help from fema and the build being department with no answers. >> brian: long island residents melinda joins us. it is a harrowing time for you
3:37 am
and thousands on long island in staten island to new jersey and new york city, too. you have a business in your house. >> right, my business is in my house and we were displaced by fem a. they told us that our house was uninhabitable. we are living in long beach now. that is my basement . and i push to have that gutted. we had to like -- there is a lot of people who needed the houses drained. it is down and that stuff is out on the street now . that is our boardwalk. watching long beach go down a tough one. yeah. >> alisyn: your house as you said is uninhabitable and it is flooded with five feet of water. what are you suppose dod do now? >> right now i am in a waiting zone. i called the building
3:38 am
department because they said you need electrical inspection and plumbing inspection and electrical failed because my panels are under water. i called the building department and they don't give me answers on when they will show up but they will pass it along. and yesterday, i said my wall streets are split moving because my foundation was exposed. i didn't think it was a biggest and now the house and changing. i am not going back in there with my kids until they say to repair or not. i am not treat people. i look after the people of long beach. i am a physical therapist. >> steve: people are not talking about the unemployment. >> i haven't had an opportunity to go rentalister with the labor department.
3:39 am
i am homeless and out of work. and careless. like most people trying to find a new car. >> steve: are you hopeless? >> no, that is not me. >> steve: you are looking to fema who is supposed to be prepared. >> it is disconcerting that people are still just yesterday meeting with the inspectors. my flood adjustors cancelled on me. >> alisyn: you need answers >> chris: answers would be good and directionn would be nice and then i can make my decision. i feel lost in terms of how to make those decisions. and i know i am not the only one. your first floorr did not develop damage and my under floor got damaged and so my contents is fine. so according to fema. i don't qualify for the grant. brian lost his first floor in this. >> brian: you don't know if
3:40 am
you are rebuilding. >> steve: i don't know what is happening. >> brian: you are in limbo. did the adjusttor leave the name to come by and call a politician who said they can't get back to me. >> steve: i have alreadyy called the insurance and texting with the adjustor. >> steve: you are on television right now whompt do you need an answer for today. >> building department and potentially send out a engineer and tell me if it condemn rebuilt . my business, i help the community and the hospital had to get shut down. >> steve: you need to hear from the building department. >> town of hempstead. >> steve: folks come on and call her. >> alisyn: you are not alone, melinda. everybody is frustrated by the lack of information. this is supposed to be job of our officials to help guide us
3:41 am
through we will keep everyone posted on your story. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. indianapolis colts cheerleader has gray hair and about to go bald. she's here life with the story. >> steve: think that black screen is the best buy? no. our savings expert on deck with the best deal and one shopping tool not to leave home without. next up. ♪ ♪ okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, nothe mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service.
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now the real life mount doom in new zealand could disrupt. it could disrupt the prequell to the trilology . forget roll backs. walmart is fighting back against workers fighting to strike about against black friday. fighting the picket lines and other organizations as well peeking of shopping here is ally. >> alisyn: forget the thank thank speech. extreme shoppers are camping outside of snores hoping to snag the best friday deals. if you don't spend like a weekend in the tent here is tips to save you money. here is an drea. great to see you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: none of us want to
3:46 am
be in a tent tonight and let's talk about best tips for black friday. can you really only get those deals that day or do they exist after fridayads well. >> it pays to prepare ahead and the door busters are limited and so unless you are camping out a week before you are likely not going to get your hands on them. you can find them throughout the season. if you were not planing to go out to get the deals. >> alisyn: you say research prices before you go. >> right. it is important to know what you plan to purchase and research those prices. it is knowing how much a desired product costs before you head out will help you stay away from misleading promotions. there are not so good of deals out there. shop with the list it is easy to over spend and buy when everything is on sale.
3:47 am
>> alisyn: register for store updates. you go on line and you register. >> get e-mail and follow them on facebook and twitter and you get up to the news on black friday. some will be offering black friday sales in one hour increments . you want to know if you are shopping on line and that's how they offer different sales and by registering on line stay on top of them. >> alisyn: arm your smart phone with apps. >> save more money by using various apps. full mobile app and extra discountos black friday and use the price predictor . so you know if it is the best time to buy something for the best price. >> alisyn: talk about the worst and best items for black friday. hot end electronics like television. why not buy a tv. >> they are historically
3:48 am
offered. and during super bowl and best tv deals are the door busters who may be limited in quantity. >> alisyn: what is the best item. >> cookware and apliiance. they are offering it for eight dollars a piece . cookware sets for 49.99 . look out for those types of offers. >> alisyn: thank you for all . info. if you hate parent/teacher conference. one city is making it easier. bribing parents with gift cards. is that a good message to send. indianapolis players going bald to support the coach's cause with cancer . the cheerleader here saying so long to lovely locks . ♪ ♪
3:49 am
face. yeah. don't worry, i get it all the time. [ male announcer ] we guarantee our low prices. even our black friday prices are backed by ad match. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> the coach is a inspirational player. >> alisyn: the colt's coach took time off after being diagnosed with leukemia. many of the comits fans are playing. there is not just players but a cheer leadership. >> steve: megan joins us with a nodding team mascot blue. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: megan we understand that blue sent out a challenge to colts cheerleader if he raised $10,000 for leukemia research by november 25th, what would happen and where did you get involved? >> if he would raise $10,000
3:53 am
that one of the cheerleaders if one of us shaved her head and i tweeted him back and said i would do it >> alisyn: what made you make that decision? >> i have had many family members and friend and mentors affected by cancer and i soltear and met little girls affected by cancer and it was near to my heart and something i wanted to do. >> brian: chuck is a great inspirational to the team . they are playing well with an exeisting quarterback and players on the team shaved their hands . blue has something in his hand. is he going to be the one to take off your hair? >> yeah, he really is. we'll put it in a pony tail and then she will shave my head in the third quarter break. we need a lot of donation and
3:54 am
he will do it and i will come back in the fourth quart yer cheer with no hair. >> steve: people would cheer if we could see blue do that thing with the nose. >> that is fine. he shaved his head off earlier this week. >> alisyn: sure thing . megan. you are so brave and you are an inspiration. is there any little piece of you that is hoping not to raise $10,000. >> no. i am not hoping that. i hope we raise more than $10,000. we are going to visit a lot of children's hospitals afterwards and i would to be a inspiration to the girls going through cancer. >> brian: the team raised $230,000 and your $10,000 for the pot and curious to see if any other clear leading
3:55 am
members. >> alisyn: what are they saying about what you are doing? >> supportive and sending me hats and head bands to wear afterwards and motivating text. telling me they are proud to be my friend. >> brian: your city is unbelievable in the super bowl. you get the sense they are behind you and this team loves their colts and team and cheerleader. >> we have an amazing city and our 12th man is best . they help us to win our home gamings. >> steve: once again if people would like to donate what is the address. >> colts.comback/chuck strong. please donate. >> steve: see her lose her pony tail with the coltings. megan and blue, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> brian: coming up. straight ahead. never happened before and it is in the hundred year
3:56 am
history. we'll tell you what is happening in hospitals all across florida now. >> alisyn: who guiliani thinks took the word "terror" out of the benghazi talking points. ♪ ♪ at humana, we understand the value of quality time and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner with health care professionals who understand the difference that quality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare plan...
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[ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, november 20. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. the u.s. officially getting involved in the crisis in the middle east. secretary of state hillary clinton is on a plane at this hour headed to israel for talks. we're live with all the break details for you. >> brian: i hate those parent-teacher conferences. actually i kind of like them. one city making it easier. bribing parents can gift cards. is that a good message? i do like fridays. >> steve: we only have bennigan's. this beauty queen is headed to the miss america packagent. but she's preparing for surgery
4:00 am
that will change her looks. but will save her life. she joins us live this hour. "fox & friends" hour two for tuesday before thanksgiving starts right now. >> alisyn: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. it's a big news day as we follow what's happening in the middle east. things obviously are escalating there. you're looking live at the israeli-gaza border. the middle east crisis is now in day 7 and the u.s. is now today getting directly involved. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the air at this hour on her way to israel. she will meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and egyptian and palestinian officials. >> brian: we have leeland vittert live, but first let's go to doug mckelway on the details of the secretary's latest mission. this will be a tough one, doug.
4:01 am
>> yeah. sure is. we have learned that secretary of state clinton just departed from the summit and headed to jerusalem to meet with prime minister netanyahu. then she'll move to ramallah to meet with palestinian officials and then to egypt to meet with morsi. all in an effort to ease the ongoing conflict between israel and palestinians in gaza. >> her visits will build on the engagement that we've undertaken overt last several days, including the engagement by president obama and secretary clinton with leaders in the region to support a deescalation in the violence and ends the rocket attacks and restores a broader calm in the region. >> deputy national security advisor ben rhodes said clinton will seek a, quote, deescalation of the clinton. he did not say cease fire. it may suggest the u.s. influence is limited there. further since the u.s. recognizes hamas as a provides
4:02 am
organization, terrorist organization, she's forbidden from meeting with them. some suggest that her meeting with morsi may be ineffectual since he's a member of the muslim brotherhood. this morning, morsi has been quite constructive in conversations that the u.s. had with them thus far. so we shall see. high stakes, brian. >> brian: absolutely. turkey playing a role, too. seems to be leaning more toward the hamas point of view. thanks a lot. >> steve: with israel now vowing to keep up its offensive in gaza, pictures like this, as long as militants continue to attack, leend la vittert is live at the israeli-gaza border with more. >> the attacks from both sides continue this morning and into the afternoon here. above my head i hear the sound of israeli drones and f-16s headed into the gaza strip on their bombing raids, then head how long from the gaza strip are
4:03 am
the mortars landing around us and then heading further out into southern israel. day 7 of the israeli bombing campaign on gaza. a number of sorties flown overnight and into today. they're starting to run out of main military targets to hit and now going after hamas infrastructure, things like the banks and other things there and also trying to take out a number of top islamic jihad and hamas leadership. so far, 110 people killed there, including a number of civilians and more than 1,000 wounded. on the israeli side, the hamas figured out how to get past the iron dome. by firing multiple rockets at once into one location. this morning that location was a large town in southern israel. a rocket hit a house that got through, destroyed the house and the rocket also hit a bus there. thankfully that bus was empty. as many of the buses around israel's southern part are because more than 1 million civilians live here. many of them have left town and headed north to be with friends. schools are closed.
4:04 am
many offices are closed around here as there is a possibility now of a ground offensive. all around location we're in, a mile or so from the gaza border, these fields are filled with platoons. we've seen the arrest tailry out here getting ready for a possible ground offensive. the thing that would possibly stop that are the cease fire talks going on inside cairo and obviously secretary of state hillary clinton's visit here over the next 24 to 36 hours may delay a ground invasion. the question is, is it enough to actually get a cease fire deal on the table and signed between hamas jihad, and israel here on the other side. guys? >> steve: a lot of moving parts. what do you know about apparently earlier today an employee at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv was apparently stabbed by somebody. what's up with that? >> exactly. what it appears to be is that a local jewish man here, an israeli was upset h a personal beef with someone who was a
4:05 am
local employee of the embassy and as though you would go to any workplace and try to take out your anger there at the person who happened to be working there, that's what happened. it seems unrelated to anything having to do with the united states. the embassy a coincidence that the man was so angry with was a guard there. thankfully fort guard, there were other people who subdued the attacker. but totally unrelated to things going on here or for that matter, the u.s. embassy. >> steve: got you. the guard was in the wrong place at the wrong time. leeland vittert, thank you very much for the update. >> alisyn: so let's talk about the significance of what's going on there. is this really just another sort of dustup between the gaza strip and israel or is there something larger and more significant going on? many international relations experts are saying what this really is is a dress rehearsal of sorts, that this is basically a proxy war actually between iran and israel and what israel is in part trying to do is
4:06 am
closure out its neighbor's cache of weapons before it may have to take some sort of action against iran if iran proceeds with its nuclear program. >> brian: it's accelerating despite what joe biden is telling you. they're worried that hezbollah will start bombing and hamas will start sending missiles misn from gaza and make the situation almost untenable should an attack happen. if you're going to take on iran, you're better off knowing where your ensmear and not have to look over your shoulder and down south. that's with ambassador talked about with greta van susteren yesterday. >> i don't think this is a question of hamas and israel. i think this is a question of iran and israel. particularly as hamas or somebody, maybe iranians in the gaza strip, are firing missiles that can hit tel aviv and jerusalem. this is iran showing that it can unleash both hamas and hezbollah
4:07 am
if need be in response. >> steve: to suggest it is perhaps a proxy war, take a look where do these missiles come from? they come from iran. so that's clear. there are 30,000 israeli reservists on the border with gaza. they are ready to go ahead and go in apparently, unless the air defenses of israel can take out all these missiles because the last thing they need are for these much longer rockets to be in the hands of those guys who will point them at tel aviv or jerusalem. >> brian: a lot of people say there are civilian casualties. what are they doing? well, they're on both sides. but when you shoot missiles from a busy urban center with children around and families around, there is going to be retaliation for those launch sites, which happen to be in the middle of dense populations in many case. so they're trying to go out of the way of civilian casualties.
4:08 am
>> alisyn: leeland's reports have given us a great first happened view of a missile coming right through the roof of a school house. the kids happened to be off that day because they were afraid that there was this rocket war going on of the but it came right through the roof and no children were killed. >> steve: iran denies providing the missiles, as you would expect. >> brian: that's good enough for me. >> alisyn: let's get to the rest of the headlines. they plan to bomb u.s. military bases overseas. the f.b.i. arrested four men from california. the alleged ring leader is a 34-year-old naturalized u.s. citizen who reportedly traveled to his native afghanistan in july for terrorist training. he also served in the u.s. air force from the year 2000 to 2001. it's believed that he introduced the others to the radical islamic doctrine of al-awlaki. he's the home grown terrorist who was killed in yemen by a u.s. drone. there is still some hope for hostess. a judge ordering the company and
4:09 am
its bakers union to agree to mediation today before liquidation. the ceo of hostess says any deal to keep company alive would have to be cost effective. >> we saw 2 1/2 billion dollars worth of these products. that's lot of twinkies, wonder bread and you name it. it's the cost structure. if you can't sell it to make a profit, then you're not in business. >> alisyn: you kind of need a profit. that much i've learned about business. 18,000 jobs are on the line there. hobby lobby lost its initial fight against obamacare. but fight is far from over. a judge rejected the company's request to block part of obamacare. that part requiring them to provide insurance for the morning after pill and for some forms of birth control. the owners of the company are christian and they say the mandate violates their religious beliefs. the owners do plan to appeal that ruling. there could be some big baby news out of london. >> steve: who are you calling a big baby? >> alisyn: i know you've been
4:10 am
monitoring this by the hour. kate middleton's former roommate said she plans to announce she's pregnant next month jessica hay, who attended the royal wedding, says the future king and queen are pretty far along in baby planning. they don't care whether they have boys or girls. they just want to be parents. >> brian: this according to the roommate, college roommate? >> alisyn: good enough for me. >> brian: okay. >> alisyn: i'm running with it, obviously. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about what's going on in chicago. the mayor out there is rahm emanuel. he's got a great idea on how to -- the graduation rate and the parent involvement in chicago public schools is terrible. so he's got a great idea. why don't we bribe the parents? if you show up and you pick up your child's grade card and you sit for the parent-teacher conference, you'll wind up with a loyalty card from walgreen's. 25 bucks worth. >> brian: that's incredible! is it the fact that they're not
4:11 am
flexible enough where the parents are working two jobs and can't get there in time, or they believe that parents are choosing not -- they have that little interest in their children that they need a briber to go? >> alisyn: it's hard to know what the motivation. but they do know for sure, for a fact that, many parents haven't shown up. these are not did she that's are -- these are troubled inner city public schools and the theory is if the parents were more involved, then the kids would do better and perform better at school. so if you can't get the parents to go of their own free will and just their own motivation, 25 bucks worth of free stuff. it's an experiment. they acknowledge that. they don't know if this is going to work, but they know they have to do something. >> steve: a number of times on this program and the channel we've talked about how there are problems with education and some of the problems were the teachers. look, if you can't get the parents of the children to show up to figure out how junior is doing in third grade or fifth
4:12 am
grade or 12th grade, that's not necessarily a problem with the kids or the school. at that time it's a problem with the parents. >> brian: do you think this is a good move? if the parents are the problem and you understand the parents are the problem, should you just analyze the problem and change it by taking action and giving them gift card? i could see giving your kid money for scoring a goal. >> steve: i have done that. >> alisyn: it's a different form of bribery. they're not going it to the kids. they're giving it to the parents. >> steve: here is the problem. this year it's 25 bucks. wall growns is donating it. the idea is -- here is 25 bucks, you'll see it's a good store, you'll shop here. but still, come on. >> alisyn: right. they're trying to change habits and patterns and they're hoping if they lure you into the school, that will also become a habit and parent. >> brian: you got to weigh in on twitter. i'm honoring with my new tweet deck, or write us. >> steve: we are going to bribe you because on the other side of
4:13 am
this rundown, you'll get so see stuart varney. he's going to talk about -- good morning. -- france, the country stripped of its triple a credit rating. so are we headedthere next? >> brian: if you watch stuart varney, we'll give you some type of gift card. >> alisyn: adding insult to injury, first sandy damaged their cars, now the city is towing them away without telling the owners. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
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see what else mes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> steve: moody's investor service has just stripped france of its triple a credit rating, downgrading it one notch to double a 1. >> brian: once again the european model not looking too strong. it will that rub off on us?
4:17 am
stuart varney is here. this is what the french deserve. a socialist going to put ultra70% of the taxes on everyone that's successful in that country and look what the credit rating is. >> that's fighting words there, brian. >> brian: am i 100% right? >> actually you are. the french have got far too much debt. there is no prospects for real economic growth in the future. they've taxed the rich to the hilt. 75%, so they're leaving. they have absolutely no plan to reform entitlements. in fact, they've just lowered the retirement age. does that ring a bell? look what they're doing. now look what we're doing here in america. we are going to tax the rich. we have slow growth next year. maybe even a recession. and we have absolutely no plan to rein in our entitlements inasmuch yeah. but they're actually talking about changing entitlements where it would be more costly for the government. we need to talk about doing something about entitlements. >> we're talking about a deal and the only deal i've heard is we're gog raise taxes on the
4:18 am
rich. not what we're going to cut. >> brian: democrats are wrestling with each other because they're starting to realize in reality that some entitlement reform has to be in the mix. >> if it's not, if we don't reform entitlements, that's what is busting the american bank. if we don't do this, then we will be faced with a downgrade next year. it's already been threatened. >> brian: the genius economist whose close confidante of the president wants to tax the rich 90%? >> he's saying if you go back to the good old days when we taxed the rich to the hilt, those were the good old days. those were the days of prosperity. he says we should return to those days. yet the union is involved in everything, raise wages, tax the rich to the hilt and prosperity will miraculously return. >> steve: and there are many who think 91 are right for a lot of people making a lot of money. watch this man in two hours. >> brian: he's the lead story. who is snoop dogg investing in?
4:19 am
what soccer team is he investing in? he will answer you at 9:20 eastern time. >> should i tell you now? >> brian: no. keep it for your show. >> steve: straight ahead, coming up, ever used yelp on-line it find the best restaurant and the best doctor? guess what, those reviews might have been paid for. >> brian: then rudy guiliani is standing by to tell us who he thinks took terror out of the benghazi talking points and he's excited because alisyn is talking to him. what will they be discussing? i'll tweet about it this family used capital one venture miles
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> alisyn: time for news by the numbers. unfortunately, it's the layoff edition. 10%, that's how many jobs are being cut at ge health care because of the economy. the company has about 500 employees. next, 400. that's how many workers orlando health says it has to layoff because of obamacare. it's the largest staff reduction in the company's nearly 100-year history. and finally, 2. 2 more stimulus-backed solar companies laying off. they got a tax credit from the obama administration and have to lay off up to 37 people. sun tech received $2 million and has 50 potential layoffs. >> steve: too bad during the holidays. meanwhile, the violence in the middle east showing no signs of easing and now we're learning secretary of state hillary clinton is heading to israel. rudy guiliani just returned from europe. he was on a speaking tour there discussing that exact topic, the
4:24 am
mess in the middle east. and iran's role in it. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: to the rescue. >> i guess she's going to try to get a cease fire, but this seems to me this is without doubt a proxy war. this is iran getting the palestinians to try to push the envelope as much as possible. israel trying to prepare itself for if they have to take action against iran to figure they get close in missiles out, whether their defense system works. seems to be work great, by the way. >> brian: 88% of all missiles. >> this a u.s. a system a lot of people bad mouthed. i was proud of reagan when he didn't give up nuclear defense. he turned out to be right. you can do it. now they have a more sophisticated system. that would be available if there were nuclear -- >> steve: reagan got the ball rolling. >> he did. thank god they have it.
4:25 am
300 shots. it's terrible that four people were lost. but remarkable. >> alisyn: we should air raid sirens have been sounding in jerusalem. again, you just returned from paris and you say much of the talk was about what's going on in the middle east. >> absolutely. the group i was with was john bolton and it was quite a group of the we were talking about the iranian group that wants to see regime change in iran. they've just been delisted. and the reality is that's an option that we should be talking about. there are three option. option number one is negotiate and do some kind of detante like question with the soviets. two, is military attacks. both of those are bad. the third is, let's see if you can get a different regime. after all, we have a different regime in egypt. we have a new one in libya. we're going to have a new one in syria. a lot of questions about what's going to replace them. in iran, you probably could
4:26 am
replace them with a pretty solid pro-western government if you did the right things. >> brian: kind of encouraged that president obama said he does have words of support for israel. >> they're getting bombed every day. and it turns out this has been going on for some time of the two, three a day now for almost a year. >> brian: what would the fallout be if they send 75,000-plus troops into gaza on the ground today, tomorrow, the next day? just in europe what, would the fallout be around the world? >> i think it would be an anti-israel attitude, unrealistic, and just the public relations thing that they've bottled and lost for a long time. is it a sound military move? maybe. maybe they have to do that if they want to make sure that they're not going to be vulnerable if they have to attack iran. >> steve: so our secretary of state, hillary clinton, is going to go after that. >> she's going to try to stop it. >> steve: let's talk about the woman who would like to be the
4:27 am
next secretary of state, susan rice. 100 members of congress, republicans all, have sent the president of the united states a letter saying susan rice pretty much disqualified herself because she appeared on the talk shows and said it was spontaneous and it was all about the video and we know that to have been absolutely not true. plus the intel was -- >> i have to tell you, i sat there in one of those sunday morning interviews. i was getting ready to go on of the i listened to her say that and i sat there looking at her. this is a couple days later. saying, what are you talking about? it was obvious from the very beginning that it was a terrorist attack. i didn't need the c.i.a. to tell me that. i just used my common sense to figure it out. rocket propelled hand grenade, mortars, happens on september 11. obviously a well executed plan. to buy that story, you got to be -- >> steve: but it was before the election. >> you're either incompetent if you buy that story or putting
4:28 am
out a political line at a time when people should be telling the truth. >> alisyn: the white house says it only changed one word in the talking points, changed it to be more technically katy from consulate to -- >> here is the issue, do we want a secretary of state that would buy that? do we want a secretary of state that actually believes that this was a spontaneous demonstration when there were hand propelled grenades, mortars, obviously planned in advance, well executed. >> alisyn: who do you think changed the talking points? >> i think we'll find that out over a period of a long, long time. you're also going to nominate somebody for secretary of state who is under investigation. >> brian: during the holidays people are really worried as they hand over their credit cards and go on-line to worry about their identity. you look up and you're buried in debt. do you have a way to stop that? >> i do. i advise lifelock. they're a client of my firm and we give them advice on security. there are a loft methods you can
4:29 am
use. lifelock is the best. but you got to find one of these services that protects you. this is the fastest growing form of crime. it's big during this period of time. and it's not just your credit card that gets stolen. it's your social security number that gets stolen. all of a sudden they can get into your medical records. they can get into your bank accounts and into your social security account if -- >> steve: they don't have to be on-line of the they just go into your mailbox and take an application. >> we've done work with lifelock and i know it's the best. but there are a couple of them available that are good and you should get one. just try one and you'll be a lot better off. >> steve: all right. lifelock. always a pleasure. thank you. >> have a great thanksgiving. >> brian: straight ahead, adding insult to injury, first sandy damaged their cars, now the city is towing them away without telling the owners. >> alisyn: how does a man who never liked football make it all the way into the hall of fame? former star is here with us
4:30 am
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>> president obama opened his three-country trip through southeast asia. he was in tie lapped yesterday and -- tie land yesterday and -- thailand yesterday. and you see him in pictures. what a beautiful woman. it looked like they were flirting with each other a little bit. here, look at the photos. take a along now look, she looks smitten there. a little champagne and oh, look at that look there. yeah. here he is returning home. [ laughter ] >> brian: the doors are locked. >> steve: great. guess they got cable in there. >> brian: 26 minutes before the top of the hour. quick look at what is happening in the news. >> alisyn: you're looking at live pictures from jerusalem. moments ago, learned air raid sirens are wail not guilty the holy city. no explosions have been heard. we do not have any word on
4:35 am
possible injuries or casualties. this comes as the middle east crisis is now in its 7th day. secretary of state hillary clinton is enroute to israel to try to broker a deal to end the clashes between gaza militants and israel. >> steve: meanwhile, nearly 900 cars that were tossed in super storm sandy have been towed here in new york. get this, their owners got no notice. mayor bloomberg says license plates were recovered and people will be contacted. but owners have 30 days to claim their vehicles before they're junked. i wonder what's going to happen to them. i wonder if they'll get sold on the market. that would be bad if you bought a flood car. >> brian: if there is a fluke in your glove compartment, don't buy it. could daycare be making your children gain weight? study from the afterof montreal finds over a six-year period, kids left at daycare on a regular basis were 50% more likely to be overweight. researchers say it's not clear why and more studies on physical
4:36 am
activity and diet will need to be done. >> alisyn: a lot of people rely on yelp reviews. now there is word that some companies may have been paying for fake positive reviews. yes, brian, it's true. several reports are claiming as many as 30% of the on-line reviews are fake. >> steve: are you kidding me? >> alisyn: yelp says it's using a new filter to catch them. customer also see this alert latched onto any company link to do fake reviews. >> steve: that's too bad. i'm an old yelper. meanwhile, i love this story. grocery shops at a supermarket in north carolina hit the jackpot after the store's computer system crashed. the glitch caused customers to wait in long lines which prompted the store to give away their groceries. so they did close the store to any new customers while they worked on the problem, and reopened about an hour and a half later. but some people were in line
4:37 am
with 100 bucks worth of groceries, got them free from harris. mr. kilmeade, over to you. >> brian: for most people learning that you've been picked up by a professional football team would be a realization of a life long dream. but for hall of famer curtis martin, that wasn't exactly the case. >> my family and i were sitting around and we're watching the draft and the phone rings and it's bill parcells. i answer the phone. i say, hello. and he says, curtis, we want to know if you're interested in being a new england patriot. i said, well, yes. yes, sir. we hang up the phone. as soon as we hang up the phone, i turn around and everyone and say oh, my gosh. i do not want to play football. i knew that the only way i was going to be successful at this game called football was if i played for a purpose that was bigger than the game itself because i knew that the love for the game just wasn't in my heart. >> brian: how does a man who never liked football, hates to run, go down as one of the
4:38 am
greatest football players of his generation? let's ask him. curtis martin right here. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> brian: it was just a short time ago you were wearing that gold jacket going to the hall of fame. >> yeah, it felt good. >> brian: did you learn to love the game as you went from the patriots to the jets? >> you know something? i learned to appreciate the game and i appreciate what the game did for me and i love that. and as time went on, i began to gain a love for it over time. >> brian: when you said play for people.pose, that purpose was? i really love impacting people's lives. i spent the rest of my life doing philanthropic ventures, charity. that's what i love to do. football has provided a stage for me to do that. >> alisyn: also melissa francis was on here, a child secretary of defense act throws went through brutal upbringing. you also went through brutal upbringing growing up. what you witnessed as a kid most kids don't come back from, the way your mother was treated by your father, what she witnessed.
4:39 am
why is it that you're able to sit there and smile and have that type of career and end up in the hall of fame? why were you able to overcome it? >> you know something, i believe that your life is built on what you can overcome. there are so many things that are going to happen. that's just life. but i think the way you respond to those things is what's going to determine your life. i'm glad i've been able to respond in a positive way versus a negative way. >> brian: you told me in the break that you're in great shape because you box 15 rounds, you let people hit you. you do not hit them back. listen, i want to talk to you about something else. you have figured out a way to take the kids of today have a passion for video games, football, everything. but you're partnered with a company that has people playing those games, but staying active. what are you talking about? >> exactly. one of the goals, thanksgiving is a time everyone is going to get fat. the statistics say one out of every three kids are overweight
4:40 am
or obese. and so i teamed up with ken kenddknect to have a 50 million challenge. we're trying to get 50 million kids to put in 60 minutes of active participation, whether that's through the knekt or something else a day. >> brian: the cool thing is you got to get up and do stuff. you have to move. >> what i really like is that when i was younger, i played the games and you just sit there for hours and hours and hours. but with knekt, you're constantly active and moving and getting your workout as you're having fun. i think that's what the appealing part is. >> brian: you play for the patriots and jets. they'll be playing each other on thanksgiving. prediction? >> i'm always going to go with the jets. i'll be a jet fan 'til the day i die. >> brian: good job. you left the patriots to go to the jets. good job. nice meeting you. congratulations on your career and success and hall of fame.
4:41 am
i'd love to box you one day where unked hit me and i don't hit you back. let's do it. i wish i had the time. i'm very busy after work. toss it over to steve. >> steve, take it away. >> steve: thank you very much. we got time, you two could come it fist cuffs right now. >> brian: all right, let's go. >> steve: i'm kidding. that would be a first. meanwhile, it's 19 minutes before the top of the hour. on this tuesday straight ahead, the explosion rocked an entire neighborhood and left two people dead. now a sinister twist. this could have been murder. we're live with breaking details. and this beauty queen is headed to the miss america pageant. but instead of primping, she's preparing for surgery. that will change her looks. but will save her life. she joins us with the story live coming up have a good night. re you go. you, too.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
nd he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> brian: new details putting a big twist on the home explosion in indianapolis that killed two people. it may not have been an accident. wxin's michael hendrick is outside the subdivision. hey, michael. >> good morning. you can see police ten days later are still patrolling the entrance to this south side indianapolis neighborhood here. they're trying to keep it secure and make sure looters don't go in. plus they're still going through the rubble trying to figure out what happened. last night as you mentioned, they declared this a criminal homicide investigation. they say this is not an accident and they're trying to figure out exactly what caused it. there are several different details here. basically two people lived
4:46 am
there. a neighbor tells us that they saw a white van outside the house while the homeowners were out of town. police seized that van and are searching it. they also have a person they want to speak with about this investigation. this is a complicated case that they are still trying to work through. they also did recover the gas meter and that's a key point here. if it was not damaged, they may be able to figure out if there was a spike in natural gas usage in the hours and day leading up to this explosion. we are live in indianapolis, fox news. brian? >> brian: thanks. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. >> alisyn: she was crowned miss district of colombia, 2012 and will compete in the miss america pageant on january 12. regardless if she walks away with a crown, she has decided to undergo a major surgery where she says she'll be choosing life over beauty. she'll undergo a preventive
4:47 am
double mastectomy to avoid the risk of getting breast cancer in the future and she's joining us now to share more about her crucial decision. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> alisyn: i know you go by ali. tell us how you came to this major decision. >> my mother is diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 27. and my mom really told me this story of what it was like to really question what her future was going to be, whether she'd be able to run again. she was a marathon runner. whether she'd able to finish her degree. she was woring on her second masters degree. what man is ever going to love her with one breast? and she said to herself, i'm not going to give up and this cancer is not going to win and defeat me in my life. and just went on, pressed on, finished that degree in five months, not only competed, but won a mayor than in a year. five years later, she met my dad who promised her he was a leg guy and he didn't care one bit. so she just was such a story of resiliency. when i found out i was genetically predisposed to
4:48 am
cancer, having a mother diagnosed at a young age and passed away with it later in life, and i'm a genetic carrier which has been shown in recent studies to be a precursor for cancer and i said, i'm not willing to take the risk of leaving my children without a mother. >> alisyn: you're 24 years old. other young women have made that agonizing decision as well. but what makes your situation particularly unusual is that you're a contestant for miss america. how did that play into your decision? >> i knew that when i decided to get involved with the miss america program that we would have this incredible charitable platform where we could advocate a call that was important to us. that's something that the miss america program affords young women across this country. i thought what, a great platform to be able to speak about my mother, to have her legacy live on through me. if i can do something to prolong my life to be here for my husband some day, to be here for my children and able to speak to young women, encourage them and say, you can have this surgery.
4:49 am
this isn't something that's going to define your life. your breasts don't define the stereotype of what's beautiful in this country. you're a beautiful woman and there has been such an incredible outcry of support and to have hundreds of women right writhe me messages and tell me you're make the right decision, it's so humbling. >> alisyn: you're 24 years old. you said your mom was diagnosed at 27. have you considered postponing your surgery a little longer? >> well, my mom being diagnosed at 27, i know that's three years from now and the idea that i could be facing a battle for my life, that's such a scary proposition. i said i'm not willing to take the risk. i'm going to be pro-active and do it now because i don't want to face that battle. >> alisyn: you are an inspiration. it's a delight to talk to you. best of luck. >> thank you. >> alisyn: we'll be watching very closely to see what happens with you. thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> alisyn: next up, need a holiday job? cheryl casone has the top five companies hiring for the season
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> steve: biggest shopping day of the year, black friday, three days away, which means stores are scrambling to get extra help before the shopping starts. don't think these positions just last for the season. for many, there is a chance that they could become permanent employees. fox business channel's cheryl casone has five companies with seasonal hiring right now. we're going to start with someplace that was busy when i drove by it yesterday, toys r us. >> toys r us.
4:54 am
we all know the name. i don't have to explain what they do. but they do have jobs. i want to bring that up. 45,000 jobs are open now. you can do management, sales, inventory, they need people to work distribution. toys r us will have a very busy holiday season. they do every year. they have jobs. >> steve: meanwhile, a place that our family goes to because they have kohl's cash. they're looking for people. >> yeah. they've been doing really well financially. they've been growing. they've got 52,700 associate positions open. that's about 41 positions per store. the fourth largest retail chain by sale, hiring through the end of november. really the next couple of weeks. fourth largest u.s. department store by sales. they've got 1200 stores across the country. >> steve: with all that shopping people are going to be hungry. domino's is looking. >> there is a few big days coming up for domino's. thanksgiving eve, which is wednesday night, one of the top five busiest days. >> steve: is that right?
4:55 am
>> and super bowl. >> steve: that's tomorrow night. >> yeah. we order pizza. i did not know that. they are the second largest pizza chain in the country. they're going to need people to do sales. they also need delivery drivers. they're going to hire about one to five people per store across the country. and they've got like 10,000 stores. >> steve: when people aren't watching tv, they're playing games on their devices and televisions, game stop needs 17,000 seasonal employees. >> this is again, if you want to work at game stop, get on this in the next two weeks. they've had about 60 different military recruiting events throughout the year. they've got 6600 stores. they're in malls, also in 17 countries world wide. they need people. >> steve: all right. just about 20 blocks from where we're sitting is the miracle on 34th street, world headquarters, macies. they need 80,000 people! >> 80,000 jobs. that's actually about a 2 1/2% jump from last year. they're going to be hiring through december. they've got 840 stores and also own bloomingdale's.
4:56 am
you can work in the sales department. you can work in customer service. again, shipping, distribution, things like that. macy's, another publicly traded company. it has been growing expo centially. this is black friday. this is it. it's the holy grail of shopping coming this friday. and i'm going to be down there at macy's square for all of the action when the doors open. >> steve: i just did the math. they're only 14 blocks away. thank you very much for joining us on turkey week. >> of course. >> steve: home sop people can get some -- hope some people can get jobs. coming up, hillary clinton on a plane on her way to israel at the u.s. gets involved in the conflict there. it's a bad move. he joins us to explain. then this judge handing atheists a big win. a 60-year-old holiday tradition is over on the west coast. and this ruling could affect religious liberty across the
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, november 20. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. brand-new developments while you were sleeping. secretary of state hillary clinton heading to israel and we are live with all of the breaking details there. >> steve: meanwhile, colonel alan west making a huge announcement here. why he's calling it quits in the fight to keep his congressional seat. and what is next for him? hear all about it shortly. >> brian: merry christmas. the atheists within. a 60-year-old christmas tradition loses, thank this judge for the ruling. yeah. that's her. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> steve: welcome to tidy e live from midtown manhattan where by the way, we have the christmas lights up in front of our building. >> alisyn: 'tis the season. >> brian: when did they put them up? >> last week. >> brian: really? i walked in the front door and didn't notice. >> steve: they're real pretty, they're led. >> alisyn: i hear christmas songs now everywhere, in stores and restaurants and at my house playing constantly. >> steve: i've got a problem. you've got to wait until at least thanksgiving for the christmas music. do you mind? >> alisyn: i normally agree. >> steve: they had the christmas stuff out at some of the big home stores after halloween, which is -- one holiday at a time, please. >> brian: the east coast, there really was no halloween. >> steve: that's right. >> alisyn: it was sandied out. >> brian: right. so i guess we'll see what happens after thanksgiving. if you're by plymouth rock, send a picture. >> steve: it's kind of a short week for folks and we're delighted you would join us on this tuesday telecast.
5:02 am
>> alisyn: let me get to the headlines. you heard it here on "fox & friends." republican congressman colonel allen west conceding his bid for reelection to democrat patrick murphy. west says there are still serious questions about voting irregularities in the race, but he wants closure for the voters. west vows he will continue to serve the country that he loves so much. >> one of the things i've always felt is i've been serving this country my entire adult life and leaders don't need a title in order to continue to lead and also to be a voice and so i will continue to be a citizen servant of this great nation and do the things to help restore this constitutional republic. >> alisyn: west lost by .58%. .5% or less would have triggered an automatic recount. while they plan to bomb u.s. military bases overcease. overnight the f.b.i. arresting four men in california. the alleged ring leader, 34-year-old naturalized u.s. citizen who served in the u.s. air force from 2000 to 2001.
5:03 am
he reportedly traveled to his native afghanistan in july for terrorist training. it's believed he introduced the others to the radical islamic doctrine of al-awlaki. he was the home grown terrorist killed in yemen by a u.s. drone. the blast that leveled two homes in indianapolis leaving two people dead may have been murder? police initially thought the explosion was a horrible accident. but new details just reloosed last night suggest the natural gas explosion may have been intentional. there have been reports of a white van near the home the day of the explosion. police are not saying what the motive may have been or if there are any other suspects at this time. nascar has the first female pit member. christmas aindividual muscled her way into the tough position where you have to be extremely fast and efficient at changing tires and fueling race cars up
5:04 am
with fuel. she is seen here in this training video. look how tough she is, how cool she is. she will be responsible fort front tire position. >> brian: my hope would be if i'm ever stuck on the road, i'm a triple a member, i would love for her to show up. two minutes, i'm back and my tires are rotated. >> steve: we've got a fox news alert. you're looking live at the israeli-gaza border, week long crisis in the middle east. now prompting the united states to get directly involved. secretary of state hillary clinton on her way right now to israel. she's going to meet with netanyahu and then egyptian and palestinian officials. wendell goler is live in cambodia where secretary clinton just left the asia summit there and now she's headed to the middle east. wendell is this. >> she left here not long ago, headed for jerusalem, ramallah and cairo to meet personally with israeli and palestinian
5:05 am
leaders and egypt's new muslim brotherhood government. her goal, to deescalate the fight not guilty gaza in a way that also ends the rocket attack noose israel. the fighting had been a distraction for president obama and secretary of state clinton for this entire three-nation trip. aides said he was on the phone with prime minister netanyahu and egyptian president morsi every night, every day, pardon me. and at the time stop here, there were several calls before the decision was made to send secretary of state clinton to the region. she will be joined there by u.n. secretary general for what will be a complex bit of diplomacy. the president's aide said mrs. clinton will not be going into gaza and not talking with hamas. >> can assure you she'll be meeting with the palestinian authority. the united states does not engage directly with hamas. hamas has not met the conditions
5:06 am
we set. >> president obama voiced his support for israel's right to defend itself at a news conference on this trip. but in his private diplomacy, he has been urging israel to hold off sending troops into gaza and hopes the rocket attacks can be stopped without an escalation of the battle and the much greater casualties that would bring. this is the first international test of egypt's new muslim brotherhood government and while u.s. officials will not compare it with egypt's former president, hosni mubarak, they do say that they are encouraged by the consultation and cooperation they've had from egypt's new leadership. guys, back to you. >> steve: wendell goler in cambodia. >> brian: i don't know what time it is with laura ingraham. >> steve: she's in our time zone. >> brian: it's my way of ad libbing. what time is it there, laura ingraham? >> i don't know. all the watches stopped on election day for me. [ laughter ] i don't know what time it is.
5:07 am
>> brian: it's actually 8:06, we believe. let's pretend it didn't stop. i was stunned to see turkey has their prime minister ally of ours go by the way, israel? a terrorist nation. it's new world, isn't it? >> you notice that the administration spokesman, our spokesman, he didn't want to say, well, we still brand hamas a terrorist organization. he said it quite diplomatically. well, they have not met the conditions to be engaged with or something like that. we label hamas a terrorist organization because this is what they do. and look, it's very complicated. wendell is right. but the fact of the matter is for those of us who have been in the southern city in israel that has been repeatedly hit over the years by these slightly more crude rockets, this has been an ongoing problem for israel. and now we have this corridor through which iran has
5:08 am
successfully sent these rockets that have a lot longer range and most have been shot down by the israeli dome of defense, and that's been great. someone said this yesterday, i guess the president said this yesterday: we would not tolerate this happening in our country. and israel should also not tolerate this. the muslim brotherhood? we'll see if they're going to be able to be honest brokers in any type of negotiation. i think any type of agreement for a cease fire is going to probably be brokered in egypt. it would have been clearer and more honest broker than morsi, but we'll see. >> steve: the arab spring has changed a lot of stuff there. what can hillary clinton possibly do until they run out of the rockets? >> well, so far it looks like from everything i'm seeing and everything i'm reading here from the best bloggers out this, it looks like israel is running out of targets to hit. hamas burries itself in this
5:09 am
tightly packed area in a civilian population. so there have been, unfortunately, civilian casualties. that's terrible for international appeals for people thinking israel is -- they've lost three people, but look at all these poor people in gaza. the fact is hillary clinton can't change that basic dynamic. that even if there is a cease fire, there are huge unresolved issues between gaza and israeli forces and israeli government. a cease fire is welcome. but there are a lot more issues still on the table. >> alisyn: let's talk about the position of secretary of state and hillary's possible replacement, the president, it was rumored was floated he wants susan rice. now 97 republican members of the house have sent a letter to the president saying that they would oppose her nomination because they basically don't have any faith or trust in her after what happened with benghazi. of course, that's largely symbolic. it's voted for in the senate.
5:10 am
what do you think is going to happen with her replacement? >> well, i've always had the sneaking suspicion that she would be offered up as national security advisor, which does not require senate confirmation. i think the president would like to have susan rice in as secretary of state. i think it's going to be increasingly difficult for him to do that. i think you'll see, if nancy pelosi's comments last week when she was asked about isn't it time for fresh leadership and she got all upset saying it was ageism. if that was the thing with nancy pelosi, i bet they're going to play this war on women thing. president obama saying you're going to have to come after me if you're trying to hold her out as some stalking horse on this. i think it will be hard for them to get her through. but i do think republicans better be prepared for what they're going to do with which this is unfair to the damsel in distress, she's just the sacrificial lamb.
5:11 am
>> brian: the president caused himself more grief with his explanation. why didn't you have her represent your administration on benghazi? >> the funny thing is, the white house sent her out, okay? well, why did you send her out? i say to all the feminists out there, why aren't you standing up and saying why did you use her? if that's what happened, you used her knowing that she would have perhaps plausible denyability. no feminist is talking about that. >> steve: we've been talking for a couple of days about this situation in santa monica, for 60 years, they've had these nativity scenes on the site of the pacific. now because last year so many atheists applied for the spots and they won 18 of the 21 spots and only two were going to be traditional nativity displays, the city decided to kick them out and now yesterday a judge by the name of audrey collins denied the request to put them
5:12 am
up while the case is pending. this is a troubling case. dollar lot of people who like to celebrate christmas, who like the nativity scenes and this year no room at the inn for that. >> brian: the people who don't want to celebrate don't want to celebrate together. >> look, there was no room for jesus in any of the inns. and there is no room in the santa monica park, apparently. so jesus is used to this. that's the good news. he's used to being shut out of the popular culture. but this judge is a clinton appointee. appointed by bill clinton and her reasoning is that look, there are other parks where this nativity scene can be put up, so it's not an undue burden on the first amendment rights of this particular group, on the free expression rights. all these people who are atheists out there, a lot of them don't buy into this. i must say. a lot of them find people like this guy's name is damon -- i keep calling him damien. damon vick is the atheist who
5:13 am
first filed this lawsuit. well, damien is not content with not believing. there he is. lovely. not just contents with not believing, he wants to make a pain in the backside of himself and annoy and enrage and trample on the rights of every other person who happens to be a christian out there on christmas time. i don't think it's good for his movement. i think people kind of just think he's a pain. i guess he consider this is a big victory. >> brian: the backlash might be more people believing in god, so damon might get this -- >> you guys should know this case is a lot like the capital cases for the death penalty where they just overwhelm the city or the state with all these lawsuits so the state just says forget it. we're not going to do this anymore. >> steve: have a great thanksgiving. >> thanks, you, too. >> brian: we have a twinkie update. >> alisyn: could there be a twinkie of hope for hostess? how a judge's orders may keep the company intact and 18,000 americans on the job.
5:14 am
>> steve: then hate those parent-teacher conferences? one city bribing parents with gift cards. is that a good message? we got tons of your e-mail. we'll read some straight ahead.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> howdy, partners! come on to hostess twinkie town. there is a golden sponge cake twinkie. >> watch out! they're stealing the hostess twinkies. >> watch this. here is your reward. >> thanks! >> steve: what goes on in twinkie town? they will live to see another day perhaps. yesterday hostess and its second largest union agreed to third party talks that could prevent the loss of 18,000 jobs. a judge order the negotiations before the company can start shutting down and selling stuff off. what if the talks break down again? let's talk to peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. sometimes if you can't have a whole twinkie, then you have a half a twinkie. so if you had a choice, and i've got some here, if you couldn't have a whole twinkie, would you
5:18 am
have a half a twinkie? >> steve: it beats no twinkie, absolutely. >> it would be quite delicious. what's going on is the federal bankruptcy judge has said -- have a twinkie for you and half pour me -- has said that they have to get to the table. the unions have to negotiate about what's going on and can we save these 18,500 jobs? they say okay. offers have been made. the company wants to cut health benefits, give back on that. cut some salaries for a time. then salary increases over the five-year period. and the unions say no, we're on strike. and so now the unions are saying, no, this is about crony capitalism, this is about vulture capital capitalism. these are excellent. >> steve: they are. i saw on-line these are going for 50 bucks. peter, i was reading the daily news today, this is the same
5:19 am
union that stood in the way of stella doro, producing stuff here in new york city. now they went bankrupt. now they're making stuff out in ohio. >> there has to be a separate delivery for bread, separate delivery for things like twinkies. we understand that it's become the campaign all over again. the unions are attacking the management saying you're getting big raises. this is about your management consulting fees. this is about vulture capitalism. let this company live. the way this company will live and the 18,000 jobs will be preserved is if the unions vote, if they take a vote and say listen, we want to keep our jobs. we're making between 16 and $20 an hour. we want to continue to make that. we want to continue to earn for our family in the thanksgiving period, in the christmas period and for the next year to see if we can get this company right again. the company gave back in the past, they gave a piece of the company. they gave director positions to the unions.
5:20 am
but at the same time, it's a mutuality. it's a partnership between workers and capital to say listen, we can make it in this country. the constraints are great. the truth is, they make a couple billion dollars a year in sales and they're one of the major producers of bread and great products like dingdong, twinkies, all these things. it needs to be saved. >> steve: put it to a vote. >> it should be put to a vote. >> steve: the employees would decide if a half twinkie better than none. >> or it may be 10% less of the twinkie, which is really delicious. >> steve: all right. peter johnson, jr. this was one of your most delicious segments. >> it was important to eat this. >> steve: i get the point. >> this is an homage to america. >> steve: homage to hostess. thank you. >> that's right. >> steve: straight ahead, secretary of state hillary clinton on the way to israel right now. but colonel ollie north says it's a bad movement he's
5:21 am
standing by to explain. super model kate upton just land add super bowl commercial to sell cars. there is a problem. she can't drive [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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5:24 am
>> alisyn: hitting the road for thanksgiving? the good news, the roads will be slightly less congested than last year. bad news? the drop in traffic is because of record high gas prices. national average is 3.41 a gallon. that's 7 cents higher than last year. thank goodness david beckham will soon have more time to make ads like this. soccer star announced his game on december 1 will be his last one with the l.a. galaxy. he has not announced what he will do next. i have some ideas. after brian. >> brian: i didn't know she was such a soccer fan. this is a fox news alert.
5:25 am
chaos in the middle east, big time. israel stepped up its offense. the secretary of state hillary clinton is scrambling over to the middle east right now to meet first with netanyahu and leaders of egypt and the palestinian authority, but not hamas. now that the u.s. will take an active role in negotiations, is this indeed a smart move? so far it's been egypt, turkey, hamas, and israel, although they don't have relations. let's bring in colonel oliver north who is happy he's got a book now out and there it is. it's called "heros proved" i'm sure it's going to be another "new york times" best seller. >> thanks so you. >> brian: first things, i know you're all over the situation with israel. you have the iron dome knocking out missiles, but still some are getting through. what is the rightful conclusion of this operation, if you're from the israeli perspective? >> the pressure needs to be brought to bear on iran. the missiles are made in iran. they are shipped to hezbollah
5:26 am
through syria and to hamas and islamic jihad through egypt. they go from iran to sudan, right down the nile to egypt and the egyptians help ship that and that's where it needs to stop. it needs to backtrack all the way to tehran. >> brian: so we don't have relations with then of the they're not at the table. how do you pressure iran? through egypt? >> all of what's happening right now in cairo, mrs. clinton will go to cairo and sit down with the turk irk foreign minister, egyptian foreign minister, who are in the hands of the muslim brotherhood and they're going to want us to put pressure on the israelis. they're going to offer to cut off parts they need to maintain their f 16s. >> brian: you really believe that will be the message from hillary clinton? >> no, no. never publicly. what's going to happen, brian, is they'll quietly deliver that message to the israeli defense forces from leon panetta's
5:27 am
defense department and that will all happen under the table. that's what's happened before. it happened with weinberger in 1982 and with eisenhower in 54. >> brian: so if this happens, because i love the president's public comments saying israel -- >> every president says that. it's in the u.n. charter. >> brian: he was the one who said go back to the '67 borrowedder in his speech! >> this is the president who has done everything he can to push the israeli noose a corner. they're now in that corner thanks to him. >> brian: how dangerous is it, if you take some of the 75,000 troops welled up on the borrowedder and go into gaza, do you think the blow back and the loss of life would be too great for the israelis to move forward? >> no. if the israelis are allowed to pursue what's necessary to defend themselves, the outside pressure needs to be brought to bear against the syrians moving the stuff to hezbollah in the north, again the egyptians and those moving it to hamas in the south. if you look what's happening in jordan today, the possibility that jordan goes upside down is very, very real.
5:28 am
>> brian: which will be scary. one of the few allies we have left. "heros proved." no one has been in the war zone over the last 12 years than oliver north, through all the great heros you interviewed before to all the things you've seen with this generation, it all goes into that book. >> that's my beat for fox news. i've kept up with heros. very few folks had a life as exciting as mine. this is a novel. if you look at the way it starts with a terrorist attack t kills americans. and administration -- an administration that deny it is and iranian nuclear weapons threat. and the kinds of chaos that we see right now in the middle east. it's all right there in the beginning of this book. i don't have the gift of prophecy. you and i know there is a way in which we can handle things the right way to keep things from coming unraveled. hopefully that's the solution in this book. my hope is the american people will look at this as a wake-up call. that's what our good friend sean hannity described it. >> brian: you come to long island tonight.
5:29 am
i feel personal responsibility for this to be successful. huntington, new york, it starts at 7:00 o'clock. you can't get a more personable guy on the planet than you. >> i love signing books with you. >> brian: thank you so much. we'll see you on radio. >> happy thanksgiving. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, your tax dollars hard at work. first, you paid for a murderer's sex change. wait until you hear what could be next. then your e-mails are pouring in on this one. come to parent-teacher night and get a gift car! is that a good lesson for the parents? the capital one cash rewards card
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with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
5:33 am
>> come on, boys! i'll send awe postcard! >> brian: your shot of the morning. looks like this. that movie coming to life, he floated away in a house carried by hundreds of helium balloons. >> alisyn: this is a real picture. >> brian: they took off from mexico and floated for two hours. no one told him we now have planes. >> steve: that's cool. >> brian: it's all practice for an attempt to fly across the atlantic ocean using 365 balloons to carry a boat. >> steve: that makes more sense. >> brian: this man has so much free time. he has already set a record for
5:34 am
flying the english channel. next hour, i will find out how to correctly pronounce his name. >> steve: that reminds me of the guy with a weather balloon who launched the lawn chair. remember? and the way he was going to control -- when it was time to come down, he had a bb gun. one by one, he would shoot the balloons. >> alisyn: what could go wrong with that plan? >> brian: the balloon boy, remember that. we have not follow that had story like we should have. >> steve: it didn't end well for the family. >> alisyn: all right. we keep hearing all the warnings about the fiscal cliff. but there is a hidden part that is not really mentioned and that's the tax increases that are about to take effect because of obamacare. now more. hi again, doug. >> good morning. most people's attention is focused on the first effects of the fiscal cliff if the president gets his way. taxes will go up on couples making $250,000 a year and
5:35 am
individuals making over $200,000 a year. there is a hidden part of the fiscal cliff, too that it would take effect in october of 2013 when health care exchanges have to be up and ready to go. at that time a new 3.8% tax on capital gains and dividends will be added. therethere will be an increase n medicare payroll taxes and a 2%-plus medical device excise tax. total expected revenues from those taxes, more than $318 billion over ten years. small businesses will be most adversely affected. >> there is a lot of small businesses in the country that do not file under the corporate income tax. they file under the individual income tax schedule. and so these are entrepreneurs with small businesses with a certain number of workers. now they'll be facing a 4, 10 percentage tax increase. that means they'll have less income to invest in their firm. >> for some small businesses it could be a bit of a hardship.
5:36 am
for other small businesses, they'll go on doing what they're doing. >> one indication of all the uncertainty, the "wall street journal" reported u.s. companies are scaling back investment plans at the highest rate since the recession. alisyn? >> alisyn: thanks so much for that update. >> steve: we told you that -- >> brian: two words, hobby lobby. >> steve: and one other word, sorry. the judge in the case regarding hobby lobby, that is a christian-owned family, family that is devoutly christian. the green family. they've got 13,000 employees. 41 states, 500 stores. part of the affordable care act is they've got to go -- there is mr. green. he heads it up. part of the affordable care act is if you've got a business, you got to provide birth control. this company says no. we don't believe in that, so we're not going to do that. they took the government to court and yesterday the judge, u.s. district judge joe hedon said sorry, that only applies to
5:37 am
religious organization. hobby lobby, not a religious organization. >> alisyn: right. so you had a lot of thoughts about this. kevin tweeted us, saying it's ridiculous that government requires any private company to offer certain benefits to its employees. >> brian: dick says this: do we have another company that might be forced into creating part-time jobs from full time workers? there we go. >> steve: we should point out the green family does intend to appeal. it's not over for them. >> alisyn: they employ 13,000 employees in 41 states. so it's a big company. >> brian: that's a lot of hobby ies. >> alisyn: the f.b.i. and nypd are zeroing in on this man who they believe could have some clues about the case of this serial killer in new york. he's been identified as a key person of interest after surveillance video showed him at two of the three crime scenes. police believe the suspect has a fascination with numerology. they believe that's factored into his motivation to murder
5:38 am
three people. apparently the address where each person was killed does include the number 8. >> steve: or that could be a coincidence. your tax dollars hard at work? first people in massachusetts paid for that convicted murderer's sex change. now they might be forced to foot the bill for hair removal treatment. robert, who is now referred to as michelle, had several electrolysis sessions in 2008. before the state's department of corrections stopped him. her lawyer heading to court today to argue the electrolysis is necessary. >> brian: okay. i'll follow that up with this. it's hard enough getting kids to go to school and in chicago, apparently the same goes for the parents. there are reports so few are showing up for parent-teacher conferences, the city is considering bribing them. those who show up would get a $25 gift card to walgreen's. we asked you what you thought. here is what you said. here is allison.
5:39 am
>> alisyn: it's just another freebie. where is personal responsibility? kathy from michigan says from a 30 year retired teacher, yes, it's worth a try. if the parents are involved, the chances of success are much greater for children. parents show that. >> brian: if you noticed, they sounded exactly alike. >> steve: they did. just like ali. let's look at the weather map and here is alisyn to tell us where it's raining. >> alisyn: okay. it looks like it's raining over chicago headed toward new york, am i right? >> steve: that's pretty much it. see, anybody can do the weather. very nicely done. >> brian: 20 minutes before we're through. next up, super model katie upton -- just landed a super bowl commercial for mercedes benz. there is a slight problem. she can't drive anything. >> steve: if the mayan calendar is correct, in exactly 31 days, the world will end. so why is he black berrying --
5:40 am
>> brian: why don't we text message bill hemmer he's on camera? >> steve: bill hem automobile secret mission to figure out if the world will end as we know it [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. you spend all day cooking it. so why spend even a moment considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for.
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5:43 am
>> steve: time for quick headlines on this tuesday morning. forget roll backs. wal-mart is fighting back against workers threatening to strike on black friday. it filed a complaint accusing the union of unlawfully organizing picket lines and other demonstrations as well. she landed a super bowl commercial for mercedes benz, that young woman there. but there is a problem. kate upton doesn't have a driver's license. >> alisyn: i don't see a problem with that. >> brian: with weather would she put it? no pockets! >> steve: insert joke here. the 20-year-old won't be behind the wheel. in the ad, she's just going to
5:44 am
play herself and probably walk like that. >> alisyn: all right. december 21, 2012, that's the day the mayan calendar ends. what some say will be the end of civilization as we know it. should we believe the hype? >> brian: will cable tv survive? fox news special will investigate and explore the mystery of maya. >> when you have any kind of mystery, any kind of uncertainty, it can bring people out of the woodwork, so to speak. we've seen that with the mayan, right? >> very much so. >> it's sort of a natural thing. you can trace that sort of behavior all through history. change of the last 1,000 a.d. in europe, there was a lot of people thought it was the end. >> steve: my oh, mian. bill hemmer will be hosting the special and he joins us live right now. where did this come from? >> you know what i find fascinating about this? the maya people lived in the jungles of what is mexico now.
5:45 am
5,000 years ago! they put together a calendar and in one month, that calendar ends. so the question then becomes, what happens the day after? that's what this special is all about. >> alisyn: what did you find out? is the world ending? >> that's the tease. i will tell you that we do reach a conclusion in this special. but i really don't want to give it away just yet. but if went to google and put in 20-21. 2012, how many hits to you get? >> 2 million hits. which tells you how much interest is in the whole idea. >> brian: how much more popular google is than bing. even today. let's talk about, where did you send warren green? >> here is what we did, we went to not just the maya civilization where you saw adam how'ser there in southern mexico. but lorn green went to israel, where armageddon is talked about in the book of revelations. amy kellogg went to stonehenge west of london. there are doomsday scenarios
5:46 am
that have been set up and talked about among various civilizations since the beginning of time. up until the end of time. so we explored at least three of the more significant ones. >> steve: and the mayan people, how did they come up with that number? was it just the fact that it's 12-21-2012? >> what they worked on was the movement of the sun and how it aligns itself every 365 days on the winter solstice. that's what they based everything on. it's a fascinating theory. the question is, what happens to your plans on december 22? >> alisyn: i don't know. what does? >> you got all the presents under the christmas tree? is it even significant? we look at all that and the doomsday scenario. >> steve: very nice. stay right here for just a moment. because we want to know what's on your program coming up in 14 minutes. >> brian: america's news room. >> i've got my partner, her name is martha mccallum. >> brian: where is she?
5:47 am
>> this is usually the part of the day where either she or i would pop up. >> steve: you're already here. >> at the moment, she's m.i.a. big news out of israel. you've been watching the news about hillary clinton arriving there. there is an alert that came out 15 minutes ago that said president morsi of egypt said both sides will be satisfied and they reached a deal. you look at the story right now, you think about what netanyahu did, netanyahu challenged five different components of the middle east peace policy. what did he do? he challenged morsi to step up. and close the gaza strip and take a stand. they got the to test out their iron dome system that worked fabulously and they had hamas go on record with the iranian rockets that they're now in possession of. >> steve: plus hillary clinton to the region directly from cambodia. all right. we'll be watching you. >> i hope you guys get a drum stick. >> brian: happy thanksgiving.
5:48 am
>> steve: straight ahead, next up, meet the next generation of journalists. the top graduates from the ailes apprentice program are here live with ali. good morning years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time...
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what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> alisyn: we have a wonderful program to tell you about here at the fox news channel called the ailes apprentice program created by our own chairman and ceo, roger ailes, to promote diversity inside the broadcast industry. yesterday we showed you highlights of this year's graduation ceremony featuring keynote speaker, reverend jesse jackson. now we'll hear from the apprentices themselves. joining us are the 2012 graduate s, carolinea, carey, mildred and crystal. great to have you here.
5:52 am
congratulations! >> thank you. >> alisyn: let me start with you, what qualities do you think you need to exhibit to become part of the ailes apprentice program? >> i think you have to have really great work ethic. you have to be a leader. you have to have a serious passion for what you're doing. you have to be hungry for more. i think that's something we all have and something that my mentor definitely had. >> alisyn: that's wonderful. i think our impression is oh, you just get to be an apprentice and focus on that full time of the but some of you have full-time jobs. what was it like to be in the program while you had a full-time job? >> well, that's the thing, i mean, you never for not one day, like not once did you get a sort get out of your day-to-day duties which comprises your livelihood. every day you came to work you wore both hats. you performed your duties and an ailes apprentice on top of that. if you hadn't honed your time in college, this is the time to do
5:53 am
it. we did it all. >> alisyn: that's great. that's a great skill for the future. we saw yesterday your graduation ceremony. it looked very cool, star studded. tell us what you got out of the ceremony. >> first it was so much fun. it was amazing. i felt like i was at the academy awards actually. it was definitely rewarding, a great time. we had so much fun. we so deserved it, i believe. >> alisyn: crystal, help us understand what the ultimate significance of this program is. >> the ultimate purpose of the program is really to propel the next level of media professionals to excellence. i think mr. ailes has done a great job of mixing talent, diversity and just like she said, just that hunger and desire to really take your careers to the next level. so the program really represents limitless opportunities for all of us and it's just been a great, great, great experience. >> alisyn: ladies, you're all so impressive and great
5:54 am
representatives of the program. you're graduating. very sad. let's see what's next. the program is about to begin its 9th class and we are pleased to have the 2012-2013 apprentices here with us in the studio this morning. they are terrell brown, steven hernandez, sarah cadeer, and jara in, a preston. they're all here and we wish all of you best of luck in the upcoming year. you have some big shoes to fill here. we wish you best of luck. great to see you guys this morning. thanks so much, ladies. and best of luck in your careers moving forward. pleasure to spend time with you. more "fox & friends" in two minutes [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world.
5:55 am
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if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> steve: quick news, a lot of people rely on-line with
5:58 am and they've got some reviews. now there is word that some companies may have been paying for fake positive reviews. that explains it. several reports are claiming as many as 30% of the on-line reviews are phony. yelp says it's now using a new filter to try to catch the fakeers and it plans to expose any company that takes part in trying to game the system. customers will see that little alert slapped on to any company linked to fake reviews. >> brian: these two turkeys are heading to the white house. they were raised in virginia and weigh 40 pounds apiece. a motorcade delivered them to dc where they spent the night at the w hotel. beautiful place. nice choice, turkeys. tomorrow they'll be sent to the white house where the president will pardon one of them. two turkeys are sent in case one gets sick during the trip. they hate to pardon one -- >> steve: wait a minute a back up bird? >> brian: it's just good to be included. both will be retired at mount
5:59 am
vernon. >> steve: good work if you can get it. >> brian: on tomorrow's show, i'm happy to report we'll have senator lindsey graham. he'll be ranting and raving about what's happening in benghazi. dave ramsey will be here and telling us what we're spending too much on. and dr. keith ablow. we'll find out if anybody on the couch is sane. >> steve: you know, our producers thought that since we had a little time here and we just did the story about the turkeys and being pardoned, one pardoned and one retired, that this would be a good chance for us to tell you our turkeys of the year and who we would pardon. >> alisyn: go ahead, steve. >> steve: it's so complicated to explain it, so what we're going to do is this, we're going to have those for you tomorrow. in the meantime, who would you pardon? who is the turkey of 2012? e-mail us or twitter us or at kilmeade -- >> brian: you can tweet us.


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